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While I had respect, it took time to build credibility.

But through perseverance and persistence, in time most of the community where I lived saw the value of the education projects I was working on.” –Julia Field, stationed in The Dominican Republic What has been your favorite memory in the Peace Corps?

Whether my friendship with another teacher in village makes them think about America differently, or a conversation with the father of a student makes him think that there are things he can do to improve his daughters lot in life is really incredible to me.

Personally touching the lives of people very different from, and yet so the same as me—even if it’s just one person—makes it worth it for me.” How did you know you wanted to join the Peace Corps?

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Since then, 1,666 alumni from CSU have traveled abroad to serve as volunteers, and the university has been ranked in the top 10 among large schools each of the last three years. If you read my last article you’d know that Peace Corps is a formidable option.However, I felt I failed to show what challenges and rewards exist for those after they deploy in their host country.Today, CSU has a dedicated Peace Corps Recruiter, located in the Office of International Programs.“The Peace Corps has been a solid, unique bridge from my undergrad experience to future graduate school and career opportunities,” Aker said.

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