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More importantly, couples solved problems in such a way that adversity strengthened their relationships.One of Gwen's daughters asked if a few of her friends could be taught how to be good wives.Although unconventional and of questionable legality, it worked.After a few weeks in confinement, the four young wives went home and practiced what they learned.Within a few years, a steady stream of young women came to learn the secrets of being a good wives, volunteering to be kept prisoner in Gwen's basement.By the 1960s, happy graduates began to help with classes that were still held in Gwen's home.Now, three months later, she was signed up to attend a twelve week long class--starting tonight. Roger said that she needed 'wife training' if they married.At first she objected, but gave in when he issued an ultimatum.

It slowly grew and expanded through the 70s, 80s, and 90s.They believed in equal pay for equal work, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, or national origin and were active in the civil rights movement.More than anything else, they believed in marriage and the family as the basis of civilization.Their lives and marriages improved and all four voluntarily came back, forgiving their mothers for kidnapping them and begging for more.Before long, others saw how the young families seemed to have fewer problems.

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